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Wed, 13.06.2012 14:58
It DID clarify something and y es, it IS a real good contribu tion, clear and well written. I've been searching for [...]
Tue, 06.03.2012 12:47
Thank you!
Andrea Brewster about Printable pasta measurement gauge
Fri, 23.12.2011 09:42
Thanks for this! I've always h ad problem with this and was n ever good at guessing!
Fri, 15.07.2011 09:54
Hello.This article was really interesting, particularly beca use I was investigating for th oughts on this topic las [...]
Wed, 13.04.2011 23:48
Hi Jerome, I agree the sett ings are overwhelming and badl y documented. It's like Linksy s just got a bunch of ne [...]
Mon, 11.04.2011 04:33
I am trying to configure my pa p2 with for my SIP i n conjunction with Tropo and G oogle Voice as is sugges [...]
Sun, 03.04.2011 12:55
Jose, I have not tried this myself but I think you have t wo options, an easy one, and a more interesting one. [...]
Thu, 31.03.2011 10:28
Well, yes I did , I got into t he BIOS. I selected every opti on. And yes, it has 2 OS windo ws 2000 and XP.
Thu, 31.03.2011 10:24
I will think about what altern atives are left. So did you su cceed getting into BIOS? Is t here any operating syste [...]
Thu, 31.03.2011 02:22
Thanks Ove¡ I tried booting fr om all the posibilities of the BIOS, pressing F2 and enterin g to the BIOS pressing E [...]
Wed, 30.03.2011 19:28
I don't have first-hand experi ence with a PCMCIA connected C D drive, but would assume that the problem is that you [...]
Wed, 30.03.2011 09:51
Hi¡ I'm trying to install Lin pus Linux in my Thoshiba 7200 portege, but the problem is th at it doesn't boot from [...]
Sun, 20.03.2011 23:06
Good beets Ove.
Wed, 06.01.2010 11:06
Hi Ove. I looked at Tero's website and it looks really ni ce. Good job :-)
Mon, 07.12.2009 14:22
it was funny an quite easy to read, and a bit of humor made even easier :-) i got a little bit wiser and i thing yo [...]